Up to 80 billion US dollars are bet on weekends worldwide.

The sports betting industry thus achieves an annual turnover worldwide of between 700 billion and one trillion US dollars – and the trend is rising. The “Flex-Bet” brand has secured a share of the global market share in the sports betting and gaming industry.

Diamonds are considered the safest investment in the world.

They offer you reliable protection against inflation, economic and financial crises. The diamond is one of the best investment instruments for capital protection. Every diamond we sell is objectively and neutrally evaluated by an internationally recognised certification institute. This evaluation confirms the authenticity and quality of the diamond.

With the Sellflexa Private-Card a modern physical and virtual debit card in various currencies was established on the market.

Under the motto “Easy payment worldwide” and “Withdraw cash in any local currency”, the Sellflexa Private Card is convenient, fast and easy to use for everyone worldwide. The mobile app combines payment, travel and the Automatic-Tax-Refund Program.

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